Step Down Transformer/Rectifier Units and Other Operational Formats

Step down Transformer/Rectifier Units: For use with the high voltage wild frequency AC turbines which make long distance power transmission possible on relatively inexpensive wire. These are custom built and matched to the turbine to minimize efficiency losses. For use on 12, 24, 48, 120 volt DC battery based systems.

Other Operational Formats: MPPT controllers have become rather popular due to their ability to maximize a turbines peak efficiency or sweet spot. If this is your plan, we will need to build the hydro with an open circuit voltage limit within the range of the controller. If using the OUTBACK FM controllers we will build a hydro with an OCV between 105 and 130 volts DC at your site specifications. The controller will operate the turbine at a higher voltage saving wire costs and efficiency losses. There is also a general gain in turbine efficiency as voltage is increased so these devices have definite value but keep in mind, they are fairly sophisticated expensive electronic devices easily damaged by voltage transients such as lightning anywhere in the area. 12 and 24 volt applications receive the most value from this format. 48 volt applications less so due to the voltage window being a little too narrow on the 150 volt controllers. The 250 volt Midnight Classic has a higher voltage limit which can change the map on that issue. There are many other MPPT controllers available. Many will work for hydro applications however the majority expressly disallow their product for hydro or wind use, so you will be on your own over any warranty issues.

A battery-less grid-tie inverter is another operational format. The hydro has a similar power curve to a photoelectric panel although the voltage window is wider. Many inverters have voltage windows that are applicable to our PM models. It is also possible to connect the turbine to a matched fixed resistive load without batteries. All these options are site specific. Accurate data is critical to build it properly.