Our hydro-electric turbines are built in two parts to make jet changes and maintenance as easy as possible. The bottom half containing the water box, nozzles and jets, piping and/or manifold is intended to be mounted down permanent. The top half rests on top of the bottom half and is sealed by a rubber sheet insulator. Four wing nuts hold it down. It takes about 2 minutes to change jet sizes. Our product is unique in its ease of maintenance and is greatly appreciated by people who have previously owned our competitors’ products.

The water box mounts over a 14” X 14” square hole. Water discharge is out the bottom. The water box is available in one thru four nozzle versions with or without valves and several different manifold or pipe options. Standard jet sizes are from .125” to .760” with best efficiencies falling between .250” and .620”. We are very open to the idea of building a machine the way you want it.

Our standard runner (pelton wheel) is made of a structural polymer known under the trade name DELRIN which resists wear from silt and sand. It wears at about 1/5th the rate of bronze runners. Optional runners are made of 416 stainless or bronze and are also more efficient but they are more expensive.

The power head (top half) comes in about 250 different versions at present to best match your site potential. We are still building wound field units for those on a budget or for applications needing higher wattage out of a single turbine than is possible with the PM’s at present. The most popular units are of course the Permanent Magnet models with higher efficiency and almost no maintenance. Model 1032 and 1038 are built in such a manner that magnet strength adjustment is unnecessary except rarely. Enhanced models 1000, 1200, 1400, 1800 feature stronger magnets and thicker stators which can improve efficiencies and make larger outputs possible. Model 2500 is intended for more serious hydro sites. We intend to have a PM capable of 4 KW in the near future.

We include a sundry parts kit and jet assortment on a complete turbine. On standard units we also include a spare runner to eliminate down time if the DELRIN runner breaks. Simply return the runner and we will repair it for free. Breakage is almost always caused by a rock, twig, or air in the pipeline which will not be present in a properly installed penstock. Warranty is 3 years and covers most everything reasonable, keeping in mind that most wound field units will need brush and bearing replacement before that.