At our store in Grants Pass, we can take credit card orders.  We also accept Paypal payments, payments by phone, and payments by mail:

Alternative Power & Machine
4040 Highland Ave
Grants Pass, OR. 97526
Phone Number: 541-476-8916


To see general pricing, click here.  When you place your order we will discuss the options with what resources are available. We will then add up the figures and tell you.

Before you order:

We strongly encourage our customers do go through the permit process to make everything legal.

You can also setup your site. This would include building a pond, running the majority of the pipe and creating a flow path for the water to return to the stream.

Is your site ready for a hydro pump?

This is a complicated question.  The answer depends on many things, such as;

  • Permits
  • Neighbor concerns
  • Environmental issues
  • Enough vertical fall
  • Enough volume of water
  • Pipe loss and electrical transmission problems
  • Cost

See our Site Evaluation Guide for detailed information.